Quitting. For sure

21 09 2008

Well, i havnt posted in my site in forever.. and im sorry. but im quitting. i let someone else do the hitting on people thing. his site is http://thomas211.wordpress.com/ go there and check it out. Thanks for all the hits and comments! ~Dx


Hitting on Hillary (2nd time)

1 08 2008

Hey guys! This is the second time ive ever hit on Hillary! This is also the first time ive ever hit on anybody twice! Anyway my name was misam and i was hitting on hil. Please read and comment!

X_Misam: Hey hil
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:it’s spelled
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:IMM LOSER.

X_Misam: no…
X_Misam: how old are you?
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:* im 17

X_Misam: your a lier!
X_Misam: im 11
X_Misam: wanna be bf gf?
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:no im dating somebody.
X_Misam: pleease?
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:and i dont fucking know youuuu.
X_Misam: yea you do
X_Misam: every1 knows misam
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:ur not misam.
X_Misam: i mean dump you
X_Misam: sorry, im new at dating
X_Misam: but i still love u
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:im sorta dating somebody, asshole.
X_Misam: who?
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:this one guy.
X_Misam: is his name noodle?
X_Misam: i like noodles

X_Misam: and i dont think your dating any1
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:ISN’T NOODLES
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:im dating somebody.

X_Misam: NOO0DLES!!
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:TheJoker. aka cody. aka bergeron4444
X_Misam:  :O
X_Misam: am i supposed to know that?
X_Misam: does every1 know that?
X_Misam:  :O
X_Misam: i wont tell

-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:uhm, like everybody does, dumbass.
X_Misam: tee hee hee
X_Misam: whats a dum bass?
X_Misam: a bass is a fish silly
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:DUMB ASS
X_Misam: maybe instead of noodles. i can like fish!!
X_Misam: people do keep calling me dum bass
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:U COULD TELL ME WHO U R
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:CUZ UR NOT MISAM!
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:AND HOW’D U KNOW I GO BY HIL?

X_Misam: i didnt feel like typing it
X_Misam: gawsh
X_Misam: and im misam
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:ur not.
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:if u were misam
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:i’d be unbanned

X_Misam: unless i have to find my inner self like my dogs kareoke classes
X_Misam: and im not unbanning you!!!
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:BECAUSE UR NOT MISAM
X_Misam: If you say one thing ill unban you
X_Misam: say I love misam
X_Misam: say it
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:i said it.
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:i said it
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:out loud.

X_Misam: say it again in pm
X_Misam: or you can say
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:and why
X_Misam: ive been loved
X_Misam: for the 2nd time
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:by dx.
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:i know.
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:im not retarded

X_Misam: u didnt know
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:says u
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:OH YEAH

X_Misam: phht u said u knew the last time too
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:this one was way funnier than the elmo one
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:but last time i really DID know

X_Misam: yea yea i know im good
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:actually, not really.
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:just post it on ur site and get it oveer wiff.

X_Misam:  …
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:its not like it’s embarrassing
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:its not
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:OH YEAH

X_Misam: anything youd like to say?
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:YUR ALL *Edited*

-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:oh yeah
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:DX IS A *
X_Misam: ok then
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:k im dunn.
X_Misam: buh bi
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:THATS A WRAP
-Hil-uh-rayyy_x:whats ur site again?

X_Misam: dxmaniacy2j.wordpress.com

Updates. Begining posting soon

29 07 2008

Hey guys! i just wanted to let you know that i had a post ready to put on this site. But im not going to be putting it on because allot of people asked me not to. I promise to begin posting soon. But sanity won count to 100 and gets to read posts 3 days early. So it mite take a while

Im back

19 07 2008

Hey guys! Sorry i havnt posted in a while. I went to Florida for about a month and i thought i would be able to go on the comp but i didnt… And Sanity won count to 100 before i left and he hasnt gotton his prize yet.. Anyway im back from Florida but im goin to idaho for another week and wont be on the comp there. Sorry.


24 06 2008

Hey guys! Im re-doing this post because some people didnt see it. I made a poll that asks who did i hit on that you think was the funniest? Now is your chance to vote! DO NOT vote more then once because your second vote will not be counted.

Hey guys! I’ve hit on 25 people now and i want to know which one you thought was the funniest! So im taking a poll.  Just fill in the bubble next to your answer and click vote. Do not vote twice, your vote will not be counted. ) Thanks for voting!



Hitting on Froggy

23 06 2008

Hey guys! You may have noticed my site looks different.. Well yeah i got bored so i changed the theme. Anyway i hit on Froggy! Check it out and comment!

-Smack_Me-: hey dude
-Smack_Me-: will you smack me?
-FROGGY:No thanks..
-Smack_Me-: fine that
-Smack_Me-: then*
-Smack_Me-: i love you
-Smack_Me-:  🙂
-Smack_Me-: i like your name
-Smack_Me-: frogs are cool
-FROGGY:Idk you..
-Smack_Me-: do u have a frog?
-Smack_Me-: oh..
-Smack_Me-: well when you get a frog can i have it?
-Smack_Me-: i want to smack a frog
-Smack_Me-: one time i smacked a dog and then it bit me…
-FROGGY:No wonder. xD
-Smack_Me-: have you ever smacked a dog?
-Smack_Me-: you just gotta take ur hand and spank them
-Smack_Me-: go ‘BAM’

-FROGGY:Nahh. And I don’t plan to go to the hospital. =S
-FROGGY:From some dog bite.
-Smack_Me-: i went to the hospital once when i slammed my weenie in a door..
-Smack_Me-: it hurt
-Smack_Me-: have you ever slammed your weiner in a door?
-FROGGY:No. And I dont have a weiner. ^__^
-Smack_Me-: I dont have a weiner anymore either…
-FROGGY:Oh dear…
-Smack_Me-: after the door accident..
-FROGGY:That must be really sad. :[

-Smack_Me-: so theres just a little hole where my dipstick used to be…
-FROGGY:Erm. No comment on that..
-Smack_Me-: lol i said dipstick. im so bad..  🙂
-FROGGY:Yeah.. Haha.
-Smack_Me-: do u know daytona?
-Smack_Me-: i slammed his dipstick in a door
-Smack_Me-: he got mad
-Smack_Me-: so we went to the hospital

-Smack_Me-: and i sowed it back on when the doctor was gone
-FROGGY:Poor him. :[
-Smack_Me-: im so Smert
-FROGGY:I guess you are. :]
-Smack_Me-: yayy
-Smack_Me-: u just gotta use your brain a little
-Smack_Me-: do u use your brain?
-FROGGY:Yes, I do.
-FROGGY:I use it alot.
-Smack_Me-: well, if u did… u would of known that im dx… and that…

-Smack_Me-: haha
-Smack_Me-: any responce?
-FROGGY:Boys can burn with gasoline. ^__^

-Smack_Me-: ?
-FROGGY:They can burn.

-Smack_Me-: ok then…
-FROGGY:Mmkay, Bye then.
-Smack_Me-: well um.. bye..
-Smack_Me-: 😀


Hitting on Starz

18 06 2008

This time i hit on Starz! Please read and comment!

XX-Lama-Xx: hey
XX-Lama-Xx: i like lama milk
XX-Lama-Xx: it tastes like beef jerky
Starz2241:good for u

XX-Lama-Xx: whats your favorite kind of milk?
Starz2241:why r u asking me?
Starz2241:and 2%

XX-Lama-Xx: lama milk?
XX-Lama-Xx: YES!
XX-Lama-Xx: sorry im lauging cuz my cat fell down the stairs…

Starz2241:awww poor kitty
XX-Lama-Xx: my cat says he likes you
XX-Lama-Xx: so i ate him

Starz2241:i love kitties
Starz2241:ura freak

XX-Lama-Xx: do you have a cat?
Starz2241:i wish

XX-Lama-Xx: do u have any other pets?
XX-Lama-Xx: i have a giant fish in my pants named Starz
XX-Lama-Xx: i named him after you
XX-Lama-Xx:  🙂
Starz2241:and y is it down ur pants?
XX-Lama-Xx: because it tickles my pickle
XX-Lama-Xx: tee hee hee

Starz2241:ur a freak
XX-Lama-Xx: wait… the fish is saying sumthing…
XX-Lama-Xx: he says ‘i like being in your pants lama dude’
XX-Lama-Xx: then i said ‘thanks’
XX-Lama-Xx: now hes saying sumthing else…
XX-Lama-Xx: he says ‘youve been loved!’
XX-Lama-Xx: 😀
Starz2241:ur crazy
Starz2241:ur crazy!
XX-Lama-Xx: this was part of my game on dxmaniacy2j.wordpress.com
XX-Lama-Xx: any responce?
Starz2241:ur crazy
XX-Lama-Xx: anything else….?
Starz2241:oh didnt u do something like that 2 zippy?
XX-Lama-Xx: yesh
Starz2241:haha i saw that he made me look a it
XX-Lama-Xx: and hitting on zippy is the most viewed post of all time
XX-Lama-Xx:  🙂
XX-Lama-Xx: thanks for playin the game!
Starz2241:i know ive heard

XX-Lama-Xx: buh bi