Hitting on Preditor

10 02 2008

Ima do the game again. this time i get to hit on preditor01, and my genders a girl. (chosen by aew3796.  aew3796.wordpress.com) my name is pimpgirl25. well here we go! lets see wat happens this time… 

PimpGurl25: *slaps preditor* baby u were supposed to buy me flowers.im not puttin on tht special outfit 4 u

PimpGurl25: or will i?


-_Preditor01_-: Who r u?

PimpGurl25: im ur next girlfriend

Preditor01_-:who r u??

PimpGurl25: im a love machine

-_Preditor01_-:do u luv me?

PimpGurl25: U bet hottie

-_Preditor01_-:im still sorta lost

PimpGurl25: i luv u

PimpGurl25: do u love me?

-_Preditor01_-:im not even sure who u r

PimpGurl25: im pimpgurl25

PimpGurl25: im also ur next girlfriend

PimpGurl25: wanna go on a date?

For some reason it wont let me put spaces inbetween the rest of the conversation. sorry about that!

PimpGurl25: i’ll give u somePreditor01_-:some what?PimpGurl25: u know-_Preditor01_-:kissing?PimpGurl25: maybe maybe notPimpGurl25: well b4 we go on a date i gotta tell u sumthinPreditor01_-:ok r u ganna like hump me or somethin?PimpGurl25: guess wat?-_Preditor01_-:what?PimpGurl25: YOUVE BEEN LOVED!This was part of our game on dxmaniacy2j.wordpress.comPimpgurl25: any responce?[ -_Preditor01_- has left ][ quit ]Well then he left so thats about it! Plz comment!                                                  ~DxManiacY2J
            Here 2 mess wit ppl on bribble! 😀




6 responses

10 02 2008


10 02 2008

lmao now thats funny

DxManiacY2J:Thx! which one is funnier the daytona one or the preditor one?

10 02 2008


10 02 2008

preditor one is more funny.

22 02 2008
4 06 2008

the predator was hilariouse im gonna show my cuzin im crackn up!!

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