Hitting on Katou_Kotonoha/kitty_kagome/Meketiki

14 02 2008

Well this time i chose Katou_Kotonoha. (most ppl know her as mek.) Well this is how it went! Plz read!

PengMan081745: hey babe

PengMan081745: u single?

Katou_Kotonoha:yeah whats it to ya

PengMan081745: do u like men who shave their armpits?

PengMan081745: oh and i sweat a lot

PengMan081745: wanna go on a date?

Katou_Kotonoha:-_0 are you O.K?

PengMan081745: just a little drunk


PengMan081745: do u like me?

Katou_Kotonoha:i barely know you -_-

Katou_Kotonoha:and your not gonna get me that easily hun

PengMan081745: who says we need to know eachother?

Katou_Kotonoha:i do

PengMan081745: dont be like that

Katou_Kotonoha:y not

Katou_Kotonoha:i can do what i want when i want ^-^

PengMan081745: wanna go on a date?

Katou_Kotonoha:no ^-^

PengMan081745: well, to change ur mind, i need to tell u sumthin…

PengMan081745: you’ve been loved! this was part of our game on dxmaniacy2j.wordpress.com

PengMan081745: any responce?

Katou_Kotonoha:um yeah


PengMan081745: XD


Katou_Kotonoha:that pisses me off -_-

Well thats it. Hope u like it! plz comment telling me how good (or bad) it was.


                                                    Here 2 mess wit ppl on bribble!




3 responses

14 02 2008


16 02 2008

-_- that isnt what i wrote *Editied* i wrote thats not how you spell my name

DxManiac: Oh sorry i thought i fixed it so i changed ur comment. and no swearing. even if u edit out 1 letter.

17 02 2008


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