Hitting on connie

15 02 2008

Well most ppl know her from lilgirls chat. but i found her on chewitts and decided to mess wit her. well heres wat happened. plz read! anyway im Juicyboy and my genders a boy. and im hitting on connie whos genders a girl. Well for sum reason i cant get it to have spaces between each line… (again) but i will try to fix that.

JuicyBoy65: hey r u single?-connie:nopeJuicyBoy65: If i made the alfabet id put u and i next to eachother-connie:ok, corny pick up line much?JuicyBoy65: lol my crap was corny last night-connie:that’s nice.JuicyBoy65: do u ever get craps like that-connie:no.JuicyBoy65: maybe u should eat more corn…-connie:uh, corn is ok.JuicyBoy65: how old r u?-connie:almost 13, you?JuicyBoy65: about 37… i still live wit my mom-connie:RIGHT.JuicyBoy65: im a virgin-connie:and you’ll die a virginJuicyBoy65: u 2-connie:nopeJuicyBoy65: i farted… im sorry-connie:tmi dude.JuicyBoy65: and they say romance is dead-connie:ok, seriously, how old are you.JuicyBoy65: eeeew poop came out…JuicyBoy65: im 37-connie:lmfaoooooJuicyBoy65: wanna go on a date?-connie:dude.-connie:what do you not understand about ‘i’m taken.’-connie:and i’m not going on a date with a 37 year old virgin, lmao.JuicyBoy65: well maybee i’ll change ur mind… listen to this..JuicyBoy65: YOUVE BEEN LOVED! This was part of our game on dxmaniacy2j.wordpress.com!




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18 02 2008
bad brenden

This site is awesome!! ima come here more!

DxManiacY2J: ya thats rite i edited ur comment. NO TALK ABOUT ermmm… Smex

18 02 2008

If i see anymore bad coments from u all ur coments r gonna be banned.

18 02 2008


18 02 2008


14 06 2008

Im cofuzzled.What happen to space?

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