Hitting on L-d0Nk3Y

18 02 2008

Well this guys a mod on chewitts bribble. It took me forever to find sum1 who would actually answer my random pms but he did! so heres what happened. Btw i was MrSleepyCookie and i was hitting on L-Donk3y-I who is a mod. so heres what happened!

MrSleepyCookie: r u single?L-d0Nk3Y-l:Dont askMrSleepyCookie: can u keep a secret?L-d0Nk3Y-l:ok lolMrSleepyCookie: im a women trapped in a mans body…MrSleepyCookie: shhh… dont tellL-d0Nk3Y-l:ROFLMrSleepyCookie: sometimes when no1 is looking i pick my butt…MrSleepyCookie: do u do that?L-d0Nk3Y-l:ROFLMrSleepyCookie: wanna go on a date sumtime?MrSleepyCookie: 7  -11 sound good?L-d0Nk3Y-l:Your so fitL-d0Nk3Y-l:I wanna meet upMrSleepyCookie: okL-d0Nk3Y-l:Cya tonight lysmMrSleepyCookie: but first i gotta tell u smthin…MrSleepyCookie: YOUVE BEEN LOVED! This was part of our game on dxmaniacy2j.wordpress.com. everything u said has been recorded and will soon be posted! any responce?L-d0Nk3Y-l:LOL COOLL-d0Nk3Y-l:xD i was joking anyway MrSleepyCookie: SURE… thats wat they all sayL-d0Nk3Y-l:LOLL-d0Nk3Y-l:its pretty obviousL-d0Nk3Y-l:i was saying it all on public chatMrSleepyCookie: lol thx for playin!Well i know its kinda short but thats it. Plz comment! thx for reading!





4 responses

18 02 2008

Lol! Thats almost as funny as when i started dancing around naked and making out with my dad! ahhhh good times good times

18 02 2008

LAWL!!! i hope it never happens to me… i’ll be so fughing scared…

18 02 2008

lol funny its tuxytron by the way i just changed my name!

18 02 2008


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