Hitting on Kellie

19 04 2008

This time i hit on kellie! lol she is very well known so i decided to hit on her! its kinda short since she was ignoring wat i said and not answering pms a lot but anyway here it is. so my name was yoyopatatoe and i was a guy. and i hit on kellie who was a girl. 🙂

YoYopatatoe: hey babe
YoYopatatoe: i love you

YoYopatatoe: cuz u so hot *barks like a dog*
-KellieLouise_x:i love you too
-KellieLouise_x:uhm.. how do you know?

YoYopatatoe: im on here a little bit
YoYopatatoe: mostly on weekneds
YoYopatatoe: and i love patatoes

-KellieLouise_x:uhm.. okayy and your point is?
-KellieLouise_x:woahh Potatoes..

YoYopatatoe: idk u asked
YoYopatatoe: have u ever been to a nude beach?
-KellieLouise_x:i meant how do you know what i look like?
YoYopatatoe: oh… idk im just guessin
YoYopatatoe: didnt u used to be a mod here?

-KellieLouise_x:yeahh i did
YoYopatatoe: cool

-KellieLouise_x:and you are?
YoYopatatoe: yoyopatatoe
YoYopatatoe: and i like nude beaches
-KellieLouise_x:please to meet you
YoYopatatoe: i like grass
YoYopatatoe: it tickles my nose

-KellieLouise_x:you’re sick hun
YoYopatatoe: and other stuff it tickles that too
YoYopatatoe: ur rite, i am sick, i have diahria
YoYopatatoe: *ppops a littls*
YoYopatatoe: little*
YoYopatatoe: poops a little*
YoYopatatoe: poooooooooooooooooooop
YoYopatatoe: how did u know i was sick?
-KellieLouise_x:uhm.. okayy?
YoYopatatoe: anyway one time i went outside and fell on my worm
YoYopatatoe: it hurt
YoYopatatoe: i love you
-KellieLouise_x:uhmm okayy?
YoYopatatoe: anyway since u said in public chat u dont wanna talk to me..
YoYopatatoe: ill just have to end this a little early

-KellieLouise_x:baiIZ xXx

YoYopatatoe: YOUVE BEEN LOVED! this was all a jioke and our conversation wil be posted on my
YoYopatatoe: site in less then 10 min
YoYopatatoe: lol my site is dxmaniacy2j.wordpress.com
YoYopatatoe: any responce?

-KellieLouise_x:uhm.. i dont care
YoYopatatoe: k well just to let u know i hit on sportsdude too
YoYopatatoe: just sayin since u too like LOVE eachother
YoYopatatoe: lol jk

YoYopatatoe: be sure to check in 10 min
YoYopatatoe: dxmaniacy2j.wordpress.com

Well thats it for now! Hope you like the new theme btw! this is the first post ive made with the new theme. anyway plz comment! tell me if theres anything wrong!




7 responses

19 04 2008

lol funny stuff..

19 04 2008

lol cool

19 04 2008

Heyahh its Kellie Louise
Yeahh i cant believe i fell for it.. Good Job =PP
it was funny though.. so random =P

19 04 2008

yay kellie too she thought u were a freak lol

19 04 2008

lol yeh

14 06 2008

LOL nice work hitt onn me =PP

14 06 2008

awkward 😛

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