Hitting on Fano

6 05 2008

Hey guys! this time i hit on fano! he is a mod and he is usually in hidden status (he is unfair and bans me for saying dumb things like gay) 😥 So i had a feeling he would kick me or ban me… which he did… So please read it! i got banned cuz of this post!  lol.  and dont forget to comment! 😉

Starbucks-X-luv: hey babe
Starbucks-X-luv: do you have a girlfriend?
Starbucks-X-luv: do you want one? 😉
Fano:if shes hannah montana
Fano:then yes

Starbucks-X-luv: im way better then hannah montana 😐
Starbucks-X-luv: hmph
Starbucks-X-luv: im almost as good as baked patatoes wearing baby spedos
Starbucks-X-luv: im that good.. 😉
Fano:girls dont wear spedos

Starbucks-X-luv: correction: girl PATATOES dont wear speedos
Starbucks-X-luv: we were talkin about boy patatoes
Fano:that doesnt sound attractive at all
Starbucks-X-luv: are you saying my butt looks big!?!? 😮
Fano:doodle is my girl

Starbucks-X-luv: oh
Starbucks-X-luv: well we can just be friends?
Starbucks-X-luv: please?
Starbucks-X-luv: i still love you tho
Starbucks-X-luv: and i still love boy patatoes in speedos
Starbucks-X-luv: wanna talk about other things?
Starbucks-X-luv: like what we do in the shower?
Fano:im chatting in main chat
Fano:no thx

Starbucks-X-luv: i pee in my shower
Fano:i assume taking a shower
Fano:thats disgustin

Starbucks-X-luv: what do you do?
Fano:ur gross

Starbucks-X-luv: oh..
Starbucks-X-luv: do you wear thongs?
Fano:stop with the inappropiate questions
Starbucks-X-luv: do you go to dxmaniacy2j.wordpress.com ??
Starbucks-X-luv: CUZ UVE BEEN LOVED!!
Starbucks-X-luv: sucker
Fano:actually i dont go there…
Starbucks-X-luv: im dxmaniacy2j and i just hit on you
Fano:didnt do a very goodjob
Starbucks-X-luv: -_-
Starbucks-X-luv: well w/e idc what you think
Starbucks-X-luv: any responce?
Starbucks-X-luv: 🙂

Fano:whats there to say…
Fano:ur a weird kid and u think ur ashton kutcher
Fano:but u pretty much suck
Fano:no comment…

Starbucks-X-luv: your mom sucks monkeys
Fano:what els does she do
Starbucks-X-luv: other women..
Starbucks-X-luv: 😮

Fano:right well u better watch ur language
Fano:u dont want me to report u do u

Starbucks-X-luv: w/e
Fano:yea didnt think so
Starbucks-X-luv: anyway our converation will be posted in about 10 min
Fano:good for u
Starbucks-X-luv: please check back and comment
Starbucks-X-luv: 😉

Fano:no thx
Starbucks-X-luv: u suck almost as bad as your mom
Starbucks-X-luv: 😮

[Starbucks-X-luv has left] [kick/ban]

Yeah.. i was banned.. and i dont think it was very fair.. Please tell the mods to unban me.. and tell them that i have the hole conversation rite here on my site.  And tell your friends to beware of fano! Thanks for reading 😉




One response

8 05 2008

Please tell kav and sports to unban meh

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