Hitting on Meta-Alex

15 05 2008

Hey guys! sorry it took me so long to find someone to hit on. I messed up a lot of times trying to hit on sum1. one time i accidently went on my real name and started hitting on ppl lol. and the other time i started saying i was gonna hit on sum1 in open chat instead of pm. (i tell my friends who im gonna hit on) Well anyway its all written below! Please comment!

ShexyMama4242: hey
ShexyMama4242: i have a question i need answered
ShexyMama4242: if spongebob is a sponge, does he have a sponge weenie?
ShexyMama4242: if so, does he get sponge boners and call them spongecakes?
—meta_alex—:i dont give a damn, really
ShexyMama4242: oh
ShexyMama4242: i love spongecake
ShexyMama4242: and twinkees
ShexyMama4242: and you  😉
ShexyMama4242: do you love me?
—meta_alex—:sorry taken
—meta_alex—:and im emo

ShexyMama4242: i like emos
ShexyMama4242: i like how they cut their wrists
ShexyMama4242: then they laugh
ShexyMama4242: tee hee hee
—meta_alex—:apperntly my gf duz 2
ShexyMama4242: who is your girlfriend?
—meta_alex—:a mod here

ShexyMama4242: my girlfriends are my toes
ShexyMama4242: they are pretty
ShexyMama4242: like pancakes
ShexyMama4242: one time i put butter on them
ShexyMama4242: like pancakes
ShexyMama4242: what do you do to your toes?
—meta_alex—:yah i like pancakes
—meta_alex—:i dont use meh toes muchh

ShexyMama4242: WHY NOT?!?!
—meta_alex—:i eat them (bad excuse)
ShexyMama4242: I LOVE TOES

—meta_alex—:wtf xD
ShexyMama4242: sometimes when im bored i look at dog butts
ShexyMama4242: they are very hairy
ShexyMama4242: like my toes
ShexyMama4242: how hairy are your toes?
—meta_alex—:not at all?
ShexyMama4242: THEIR NOT HAIRY?!? OH MY GOD!!! YOU SUCK!!!!!!
ShexyMama4242: wanna know what else sucks?

ShexyMama4242: it really sux that… YOUVE BEEN LOVED!
ShexyMama4242: this was a part of my game on dxmaniacy2j.wordpress.com
ShexyMama4242:  🙂

—meta_alex—:OMG ur that dx kid
ShexyMama4242: yesh i am
—meta_alex—:i knew it xP
ShexyMama4242: w/e
—meta_alex—:no one is that retarted
—meta_alex—: …
—meta_alex—:im jk

ShexyMama4242: lol u know the rules ifu find out its me u get on the list of ppl who found out
—meta_alex—:i didnt

ShexyMama4242: i know
ShexyMama4242: anywayzz
ShexyMama4242: any responce?
—meta_alex—:wtf i got loved xP
ShexyMama4242: yup  🙂
—meta_alex—:whats ur site again?
ShexyMama4242: be sure to check my site when it gets posted! tell ur friends
ShexyMama4242: dxmaniacy2j.wordpress.com
ShexyMama4242:  😀
ShexyMama4242: thanks for playin!
ShexyMama4242: g2g




3 responses

15 05 2008

damn i feel like a moron xD

17 05 2008

gr8 post

18 05 2008

hit me lol. 😛

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