Hitting on Froggy

23 06 2008

Hey guys! You may have noticed my site looks different.. Well yeah i got bored so i changed the theme. Anyway i hit on Froggy! Check it out and comment!

-Smack_Me-: hey dude
-Smack_Me-: will you smack me?
-FROGGY:No thanks..
-Smack_Me-: fine that
-Smack_Me-: then*
-Smack_Me-: i love you
-Smack_Me-:  🙂
-Smack_Me-: i like your name
-Smack_Me-: frogs are cool
-FROGGY:Idk you..
-Smack_Me-: do u have a frog?
-Smack_Me-: oh..
-Smack_Me-: well when you get a frog can i have it?
-Smack_Me-: i want to smack a frog
-Smack_Me-: one time i smacked a dog and then it bit me…
-FROGGY:No wonder. xD
-Smack_Me-: have you ever smacked a dog?
-Smack_Me-: you just gotta take ur hand and spank them
-Smack_Me-: go ‘BAM’

-FROGGY:Nahh. And I don’t plan to go to the hospital. =S
-FROGGY:From some dog bite.
-Smack_Me-: i went to the hospital once when i slammed my weenie in a door..
-Smack_Me-: it hurt
-Smack_Me-: have you ever slammed your weiner in a door?
-FROGGY:No. And I dont have a weiner. ^__^
-Smack_Me-: I dont have a weiner anymore either…
-FROGGY:Oh dear…
-Smack_Me-: after the door accident..
-FROGGY:That must be really sad. :[

-Smack_Me-: so theres just a little hole where my dipstick used to be…
-FROGGY:Erm. No comment on that..
-Smack_Me-: lol i said dipstick. im so bad..  🙂
-FROGGY:Yeah.. Haha.
-Smack_Me-: do u know daytona?
-Smack_Me-: i slammed his dipstick in a door
-Smack_Me-: he got mad
-Smack_Me-: so we went to the hospital

-Smack_Me-: and i sowed it back on when the doctor was gone
-FROGGY:Poor him. :[
-Smack_Me-: im so Smert
-FROGGY:I guess you are. :]
-Smack_Me-: yayy
-Smack_Me-: u just gotta use your brain a little
-Smack_Me-: do u use your brain?
-FROGGY:Yes, I do.
-FROGGY:I use it alot.
-Smack_Me-: well, if u did… u would of known that im dx… and that…

-Smack_Me-: haha
-Smack_Me-: any responce?
-FROGGY:Boys can burn with gasoline. ^__^

-Smack_Me-: ?
-FROGGY:They can burn.

-Smack_Me-: ok then…
-FROGGY:Mmkay, Bye then.
-Smack_Me-: well um.. bye..
-Smack_Me-: 😀





11 responses

23 06 2008

Dudeeeeee. I got loved. -_-

23 06 2008

omg that was funny

23 06 2008

Haha! xDD Poor Froggy.
I find it funny that I haven’t been hit on yet…

xx teenageSCANDAL

23 06 2008

Very poor, Froggy. I know.. Like having someone tell you that they don’t have a private. =S I guess they get no action from girls. xD

23 06 2008
koool queen

Lol Im suprised I haven’t been hit on, but im banned.

24 06 2008

I suggested froggy to be hit on(don’t tell her that or she kill me)

24 06 2008

OH EM GEEEE. :O :O You suggested to be hit on? YEW LITTLE DEVIL!! xDD And I don’t even know you. :O :O

25 06 2008

Im icydragon froggy

28 06 2008

lol dis is funny hit

28 06 2008

hi, im called flozzo_rulz on chatbox, but am called after my cp name on here! awww!!! its soooooooo funny!!! iv not been hit on yet!!! 😦 huh!!! :(:(:(:(:(

1 07 2008

Rofl! nice one dx!

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