Hey guys im dxmaniacy2j. and this is my site! i hope you find it funny! anyway lemme tell u a little about the site before i tell you about me. So on this site i go on a random bribble (bribble=chatbox) and i pretend that i love people and i say random things. then we have a conversation and i post it on my site! i always say YOUVE BEEN LOVED at the end of each post.

How i make my posts

Well on my new posts i just copy all of the conversation that happened in pm, paste it in wordpress, then i edit the colors so everything i say is green and what thay say is in blue. i do this to make it easier to understand.

About me

Im an 11 year old boy who lives in Washington USA. my favorite sport is soccer. well thats about it

About my penguin on Club Penguin

Well my penguin is over 500 days old and i am not a beta. but i dont go on cp a lot but i still buy everything, the boy items, and the girl items. On cp my name is Dx Maniac and i always wear my newspaper hat.


7 responses

13 03 2008

nice site good job , can i join?

25 03 2008

u cant join here u join wordpress or if u want to be a co-owner

25 03 2008

angrynsad no way, u annoy the crap outa me. gawd imagine working wit u forever.

25 05 2008

Haha ur so nice.. well i lost the port to kavs can i have it? If so.. thanks! 😀

26 05 2008


6 06 2008

it is me ur momma u have been a bad boy watch ur temper bad boy tsk tsk goto ur room ➡
dont come out til u apoligize to her u bad bad bad boy *wags finger

6 06 2008

ummmm…. ok..

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