Bribble Secrets

Hey guys! as most of u know bribble is a brand of the people who make the chatbox’s i hit on people. here i will give some bribble secrets. All the secret emotes are in green, The no icon secret is in dark blue, The pm secrets are in orange, the how to make pm emotes small is in dark orange,  and the bribble fun facts are in purple.

Secret emotes

If you want to do an arrow smiley just write this :br:

If you want to do a big ! with a triangle then write this :!

If you want to do a kissing smiley write :kiss:

If you want an emote that says bribble then write this :bribble:

This is the SECRET emotes only. the others you can find at the lower right corner.

now for the best secret of all….. THE NO GENDER ICON! *oooooo* *aaaaaah* *claps*

ok. so for this secret it takes away the icon that tells your gender to the right of ur name. But be careful, if u PM some one your name will not lite up.

go here for no icon PORT HERE&sex=p&username=TYPE USERNAME HERE.

Change the red spots to the port and username you want.

Also, when you log off and dont go on that link you still wont have your gender. to fix this press The Female then go back to male.

Pm emotes

These are the smileys you can use in pm. Move your cursor over the smiley and it says how to do them



😛  -you can also type in bribble to do this smiley. i think thats annoying when u are talking about bribble.





How to make PM emotes small
To make the emotes small, just say the emote like normal then copy it, (ctrl+C) then paste it (ctrl+V) and it will look small. You can Also type in the things below to do it.
🙂 = À
😛 = …
😦 = Ã
😐 = œ
😉 = Õ
These only make them small. Look at the picture below to see the diference between the big and small ones.


Bribble Fun Facts
If you do all winking smileys 😉 it will let you say it instead of saying your flooding.

The only smiley that doesnt make noise is 🙂

There are BRIBBLE ports that are for testing purposes. Its fun to go in these chats, because You get to have a ~ in front of your name, and your name is written in gray. This works with any port. Heres how to do it. Go to any random bribble. See in the URL where there is a question mark? change it to a slash /. Also, these secret bribbles are all connected. For example, if you go to secret bribble port 33333, and you go to 33332 you will see the same people.

There is also a robot that comees and checks these bribbles every half hour or so… its name is checkbot. It just comes in and leaves.

Theres a cool Message if you go to port 00000 . It says You are using unallowed software to contact the BRIBBLE server.
Repeated use will result in a permanent ban for all chatboxes!
This will not permanantly ban you unless you really are using Unallowed software.


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12 05 2008


12 05 2008

ooo i didnt know those wordpress emotes. There cool!

13 05 2008

😀 Pie 😀 fred

14 05 2008


15 05 2008


4 06 2008

u forgot :bribble:

5 06 2008

its up there

22 06 2008

how do u do that green smilie

23 07 2008

i dont get the no icon one i need more details 😦

23 07 2008

:br: :mrgreen:

29 07 2008
Cutie pie


29 07 2008
Cutie pie


10 08 2008


7 09 2008


28 11 2008

THANKS!!! :mrgreen:

31 12 2009

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