complaints and suggestions

have any thing you dont like on my site? or just have a really good idea for something? Well all you have to do is email me at or comment saying your opinion. Be sure not to ask anything in the FAQ’s because there already answered. and i would love to add more questions to that page so ask away. =D


6 responses

27 05 2008
NOT doornob

you should hit on skatahdog74/darehero ( he alternates between those )

4 06 2008

wats the bribble you go to??

Dx: I go to 2 bribbles. The chill out chat (port 35370) and watex’s (35320)

13 06 2008

You shoul hit on froggy or noogie

13 06 2008

hiya dude its me -NiNjA_pOoh- frm Watex chat! I LOVE THE THING WHERE U HIT ON PPL! ITS AWSUM xD!
Also ma web is: plz go there and comment!

~Pooh (The Dude!)

P.S. If u wanna talk to me and u cant find me, im either offline or changed my name
NOTE: My name ALWAYS has Pooh sumwhere in it so look out 4 me!

19 06 2008

it will be funny coming on as(any name u like) and hit on gio

6 07 2008
koool queen

hit on gio or simmer27 hahaha

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