Hey guys!  So lateley people have asked me a lot of questions on bribble. So i decided to make this FAQ page. FAQ’s are Frequantly Asked Questions. So Below you will find Questions and Answers.

  • Q. What is your name on club penguin?

A. My name was Dx maniac, but i do not play club penguin anymore.

  • Q. Can u hit on me for your site?

A. Of course not, i hit on people when they are not expecting it. If you just ask me and i say yes you would be acting it out, and that wouldnt be as fun.

  • Q. Can i be on your blogroll?

A. Yes. Just please put me on your blogroll before you ask me.

  • if i go to any page, then i want to go to the homepage, it is not listed in the pages… what do i do?

A. To get to my homepage from anywhere on my site simply click the header. The header is the rectangular shape at the top of my site, mostly used for decoration.

  •  Q. What is the most viewed post right now? Most viewed of all time?

A. These you can easily find in the Sidebar. The sidebar is located on the homepage on the very right.

  •  Can i work with you on your site?

No thanks… I will work my site alone..if i decide to change my mind, i would post saying im looking for someone, or i would hire someone who is right for the job.

 Well I think thats it for the FAQ’s. If you have any questions you think that should be up here. Just comment, and i will answer it.


3 responses

4 05 2008

Hey another question i get asked alot is are you a member on cp?

14 07 2008
koool queen

XD i found u on cp

14 07 2008
koool queen

but some1 noes u pass o_o

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