People Who I hit on

Hey guys! These are all the people who i hit on through out my site! I made this page to make it easier to find them. Please know that as i got more experienced, my work got better. So the spacing sucked and there wasnt color in the first ones.

 #1. Daytona10

#2.  Preditor

#3.  Mekitiki

#4. Will

#5. Connie

6. Donkey

#7. Kelsie

#8. Hilary

#9. Sportsdude90

#10.  Zippy73  (MOST VIEWED POST!)

#11. Maddie

#12.  GhostSpider

#13.  Jessica

#14. SuperJoe

#15.  QuickEagle

#16. Kellie

#17.  HeyHeyCappraso

#18. Icy_Dragon

#19.  Fano

#20.  Meta_alex

#21. Dudeh

#22. Mimoz

#23. SpicySozar

#24. C-line

#25. Timmay

#26. Starz

#27. Froggy

People Who found out it was me while i was hitting on them.

Amy ( )

Wadles (works with amy on )

PenguinBoy27 (don’t know his site)

Timmay (

Misam ( )


10 responses

13 06 2008

its IcyDragon XD

14 06 2008

Haha, that was awesome..Dude ,you have like everyone on there exept me. =P
But I guess thats good? =S Haha, mkayyyy…

14 06 2008

Add me to poeple who figured out it was you, I always know when yours hitting on someone

DxManiac: Well duh cuz i usually tell you so i dont get kicked for being perverted.

15 06 2008

Yeah but still I know its you

18 06 2008

i do have a site. =p

18 06 2008

what is it?

20 06 2008

Dudeeee. You have everyone except me & Roo. ROO!!! OUR DAY WILL COMEEE!! RAWRRRR. .__. WE CAN BE NEXT… -Shivers.- Lmfao. Nice site.

28 06 2008

lol jessica really thought it!

29 06 2008
koool queen

lol xDD anywayss i’m izehh the time will come..

29 01 2009

i wanna be loved.
im gonna post this on purpose cus its funnyyy.(:

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