First Rival

25 03 2008

Well i have a rival i guess! there doing the same thing im doing and im mad cuz i asked no1 to do that. so this wont be a friendly competition. sooo yeah. anyway there site i and it sux. itsnot even funny. And u guys know how i always say ‘youve been loved’? well guess what they say, theres is ‘i hitted’ i know dumb rite? sounds like a 3 year old would say that. anyway if any1 knows wat i should do plz comment. and btw there name is MedicDroidRocks. and also, MedicDroidRocks plz comment on this post.




3 responses

1 04 2008


1 04 2008

about how dumb his site is? i know its gay

15 05 2008

Wow… ur site is just as good as his… ;D

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